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Gears of War 2 and GTA 4 – Cheats Galore!!

August 15, 2008

Have you been looking forward to the highly antisipated Gears of War 2? You’re not the only one! Want to have a peek at some videos, screenshots and news about the upcoming game release? Look no further than featuring the latest info on GEARS OF WAR 2. The Gears of War section is definately impressive as it allows you to see all the latest videos from E3, your basic news and info, as well as a direct link to the best prices to buy the game. It’s easy to navigate, pleasing to the gaming eye, and is so overflowing with information that you really shouldn’t miss it.

GoW2 not your style? So have a look at the exstensive GTA IV CHEATS they have on offer. This section is easily bookmark worthy with walkthroughs, unlockable info, easter eggs, driving tips and so much more! I spent a good few hours reading through all of the GTA 4 info and there are still things left for me to see. If you’ve been struggling through GTA 4, this really is the stuff you NEED to see because nothing is left out and you can easily get to the stuff that you’re really looking for.

While I’m not as familiar with the Xbox as I am with Playstation, even I can’t deny that the XBOX CHEATS section is comprehensive and full to the brim with cheats from all the best that Xbox can offer. You can choose to search for a game by name, browse by genre, or just have a look through the newest posted cheats. Just like the rest of the site, you can find your way around the Xbox section with no problem at all.

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