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The importance of a good rest :)

November 7, 2007

Sometimes it all just gets to be a little too much. That’s how I’ve been feeling lately so L33tz0r whisked me away for a few days for a little fun and relaxation and boy has it paid off!! I’ve just been hating work, hating the house we live in and who we’re living there with, hating our poor financial state, etc and it was all starting to boil. This little vacation could not have come at a better time really!

We stayed with L33tz0r’s family who own a great little pub so of course we spent lots of time there and yesterday we had a really fun time going bowling and having a nice Mexican meal at a place called Chiquitos. Sooooooo good!! We’re heading back home today but it was nice to have this break before I had a nervous breakdown!! Now we’re actually looking into coming back here after Christmas to stay permanently because we would make more money and have to pay far less living costs so it would probably be a good idea since we’re trying to save up some money so we have some sort of deposit or down payment when we move to Canada.

So this explains why I have been an absent little blogger lately … my head was going to explode!! Looks like I’m back now which I am very happy about 🙂

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