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New Guild :)

October 14, 2007

When I first got back into WoW after a 2 month hiatus I wasn’t sure if I wanted to get back into serious raiding. With a bit of pushing from L33tz0r, I ended up applying for a new guild and I got in. I’d like to think it’s because of my skillzzz and gear but I doubt that because I heard that they really needed some healers and I am just that haha!!

I was very pleased to go on my first raid with them and find out that they are a very nice and very skilled group of players. I think that I’ll enjoy raiding with them very much and hope that I can contribute as much as I would like to. My only gripe was with a rogue who died almost at the end of the Maiden fight and then says “Wtf healers!! I didn’t even get a heal!!” …. well I’m sorry … Maybe next time I’ll heal you instead of the tank and we’ll ALL die. Annnnyway, thus is the life of a healer. If someone dies it’s probably your fault so it’s something I’ve gotten used to as being just part of the territory.

Other than that little snafu I am happy as a pig in shit to be raiding again and with such a great group of people 🙂

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