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I quit rehab ….

September 16, 2007

Following in the footsteps of Britney, Lindsay and all the other stars of the day, I have to tell you that I am back on the WoW. I tried to quit. I really did. Well I did quit … for 2 months anyway. During those 2 months I tried to find something to fill the void that WoW had left but *sigh* there wasn’t anything that I found that I could say I liked better or was willing to pay for.

L33tz0r and I started over on a new server with new characters (since he foolishly deleted all of his characters in a moment of rage) so that we could have a fresh start. This time we’re trying out a PvP server on the horde side to see how we like it. It’s not a race to 70 this time though … we’re taking our time and just playing for fun. Which is nice actually. I think that I had forgotten how to enjoy the game. We’re in a new social/leveling guild … the people are nice and we just chat away while questing. The server that we’re on is a new one. Benefits include: not over populated, lower latencies, things are still well priced at the Auction House, lots of other people still leveling as well … and the list goes on!

I’m off work today so you’d better believe that I’ll be playing for most of the day hahaha!! Haven’t decided what my main will be but I’m leveling a priest, a mage and a hunter to level 20 and then decide which one I’d prefer to play for the long haul. It’s hunter day today ^^

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