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Back in the UK

July 30, 2007

I haven’t posted in a while because I’ve had a rather busy streak this past week. I am now back in Manchester, England with L33tz0r and quite happy to be here so far. It may come back to bite me in the ass but for now things are going well. We are living in a different area of the city now and actually have a double bed instead of a university single bed this time so that in itself makes me much happier haha!!

In WoW news, I am coming to a point I never thought that I would see. I am having thoughts of leaving the game. Going from pwning Karazhan to struggling on Midnight with a new guild is a little demoralizing and frustrating and L33tz0r doesn’t think he’ll be playing anymore so I may do the same. Although I would like to play just casually I think because I so still enjoy the game. My best friend at home just got the game and plays on the American servers (I’m on the European ones) so I may see how to switch over and play with him. If anyone knows how to go about doing this an information would be appreciated. I’ll keep you posted.

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