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Excited and Scared!!

July 22, 2007

So I just went out and bought Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows today … along with about a trillion other people and although I am very excited to get reading it I am also a little scared as well. When I read the last book I cried when Dumbledore died … and when I say cry I mean tears streaming and sobbing involved. Apparently there is another important death in this final Harry Potter book which makes me a little reluctant to even open it. Do I want it to end this way? I was in shock at the end of the last book, do I want to feel the same way this time?

On the other hand I have faith that J.K. Rowling would have ended things well. After all, I’m sure she takes great pride in these incredibly successful pieces of work so she wouldn’t just make some random awful ending to make us all hate her haha! I wonder if anyone else has the same sort of feelings I do. I’ve had the book sitting here beside me all day and I want  to just dive in but I’m a little afraid of what I’ll find out. I think I may jump in bed and start reading since my curiosity is starting to get the best of me!! I’ll let you know how it goes!

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  1. July 27, 2007 4:23 am

    I’m not sure if it’s bad etiquette to tag another blogger when you didn’t complete their tag, if so, please give me a slap on the wrist. But if you’re game and if you have any tattoos, you’ve been tagged for a Tattoo Meme:

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