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Late night thoughts

July 20, 2007

The up side to having trouble sleeping is that I get to watch alot of tv haha!! Lately it’s just been all of the random reality shows about those poor rich kids living in the southern states but tonight I was channel surfing and came across Larry King who had Tammy Faye on his show (I think it was a repeat from the other night). My goodness if it hadn’t said her name right there on the screen I might not have recognized her. I knew from my daily dose of Perez that Tammy Faye has cancer and has been very ill for a long time. I think that what I found most shocking was her incredible faith and trust in God. Makes me wish that I were more faithful than I am. While I do believe in God, I do not believe so much in organized religion. Anyway, before this turns into a post about my religious views, I’ll just say that I think Tammy Faye is such an incredible person and I hope that when my time comes I will be as graceful and as brave as she is. What a wonderful woman.

In geeky news, a few days ago I merged my guild with another small guild in the hopes to keep things alive and to keep the members that I have left. Although it’s only been a few days, things seem to be looking ok which I am happy about although I wish that I could have kept things together for L33tz0r. I have such a new and great appreciation for all of the work he puts into the guild in order to keep it functioning effectively and keep everyone happy.

I will be moving back to England in less than a week’s time and I hope that once I get settled back in I’ll be in a better state of mind and I’ll be back to posting pretty much every day 🙂 I am very much looking forward to completing my Karazhan boss tactics and I have a few side blogging projects which are unrelated to this blog. I have made a 2nd money making blog using a different blog host as a sort of comparison to see where I make more money and which site gives me the best options. I’ll keep you posted 🙂

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