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Busy little GirlieGeek

July 4, 2007

Still no Maiden tactic but I plan on doing that tonight maybe. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it before but while I am home for the summer I have been taking a course so that I don’t completely halt my degree. I have my first exam in it tonight … eek! Compared to many of the courses I have taken, this one is a pretty interesting one. It’s a Sociology course (even though I’m a Psychology major) called Canadian Society and is basically about the social groups that formed Canada and that make up Canada today. It’s such a nice break for me and I’m finding myself actually interested in the subject matter that I pay attention. After 4 years of just taking Psychology and English Literature courses you get kind of bored of them after a while and it’s nice to throw something different into the mix to freshen things up. Although I must admit, my experience in Psychology has allowed me to better deal with people in all aspects of my life and has made me a much more empathetic person.

Not quite sure why I’m ranting on the details of my education haha!! I think it’s just an excuse not to study 🙂 And another excuse is the Monday Melee post I haven’t posted yet. Hmmmm maybe I’ll do that now before hitting the books …

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