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Monday Melee

June 26, 2007

1. The Misanthtropic: Name something (about humanity) you absolutely hate.

I hate people who refuse to show understanding and empathy. Sometimes people have problems that aren’t necessarily something that they can control. Let’s take depression for example. Depression is a legitimate disease. A person cannot help feelings of depression. It drives me absolutely crazy when people cannot understand that depression or some such issue is a valid reason for a person to need a break or at least show some empathy and try to understand.  Not everyone deals with things in the same ways people!!

2. The Meretricious: Expose something or someone that’s phony, fraudulent or bogus.

My hair colour. I admit it. I do not actually have purple hair.

3. The Malcontent: Name something you’re unhappy with.

Being nagged. I do understand that I am living under someone else’s roof, however after living away for so long it’s very difficult to come back and be nagged at all the time. Yes I heard you the first time. And yes I will do as you ask. Get off my back.

4. The Meritorious: Give someone credit for something and name it if you can.

My little sister graduated from high school on Friday. You did it Kate!! I’m so proud of you 😀

5. The Mirror: See something good about yourself and name it.

So far this summer I am getting a pretty sweet tan!! I know, I know … I will have leathery skin in 30 years, but I look good NOW!! In 30 years I doubt that my skin will be my only concern.

6. The Make-Believe: Name something you wish for.

I really wish for a break. Things haven’t been going well lately … a little boost would be wonderful!!

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