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And the stress begins …

June 14, 2007

For the next 4 weeks or so L33tz0r will be without (or have very limited) internet access so he has left me as Guild Leader of Relentless … EEEK!! Although I am flattered that I am the one he trusts with things, I am very worried that I won’t cut it and things will fall apart under my watch. He has the confidence in me that I can handle it so that does give me a little bit of strength.

At the moment I am most worried about Karazhan tactics and raid things. I have all other aspects under some control (I think anyway) so I’m not concerned about that. Today I am making an effort to research some Kara blogs and tactic sites and make myself more familiar with things of that nature because although I have been a regualr raider and I have led a few raids, I still do not feel in complete control  or that I have all of the knowledge that I should have when leading a raid. L33tz0r is such a natural leader and he only ever has to read through something and try it once to know what he’s doing. For me it’s a little more difficult.

So if you have any Karazhan links you’d like to share with me, please do so!! I need all the help I can get!!

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