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Back in Town

June 9, 2007

I’ve been back in Canada for about a week now and I am still having very mixed feelings about it. Yes, I am happy to see my family and friends, familiar places and favorite local foods. But I can’t help feeling sad at night that I am not next to L33tz0r when I never want to leave his side. I miss taking the train to work … and almost missing it every single day. And I especially miss late night walks to Spar with him.

We did the long distance thing last summer as well and it was double the amount of time that we will have to do it this summer. It was rough and at times I thought we wouldn’t make it but we did. And although we were able to hold it together, I don’t think we always did it the best way we could. I’m sure that there are many many other people out there who have faced the same hurdle. What I’m wondering is, what made things work for you?

Does anyone out there have any tips for me on how to make the summer more bearable? We play World of Warcraft together which is nice because it is something we can do “together” without actually being physically together. We talk on Skype and MSN and I even call him from time to time. These things are good but I’m looking for other options to keep things interesting and fun for us.

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