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I’m a slacker!!

May 13, 2007

Ok so I said I’d be back and active but I have been slacking yet again!! Work has been quite hectic this past week since the manager took her vacation so it meant lots of shifts for me!! I won’t be complaining when the cheque goes in the back though!! Anyway … all is well with me and I just worked my last shift yesterday because I will be going back to Canada for the summer at the end of this month.  My manager has already arranged for me to come back to work once I’m back in the UK which is such a weight off my mind to know I’ve got a job waiting when I get back.

L33tz0r and I will be going to spend some time at his family’s place for his little sister’s birthday on May 19th and my birthday on the 20th 😀 Should be a really nice, relaxing time before I have to go home.

I’ve been quite the busy little bunny lately playing WoW and leveling up my shaman. I just dinged 69 today and will hopefully get to 70 within the next day or so. And it just occurred to me today that I really should have already started saving for my flying mount and only have 350 gold. I did have enough on my bank character (cleverly named Bankeroo … hey I liked it) but that was until I decided to level my jewelcrafting. Now I am down to a pitiful 149 gold on that character. I refuse to buy gold because I consider it to be cheating in a way so it’ll be some long hours grinding for me!! Either that of selling all of the stuff on my other characters!!

Speaking of WoW … on the realm Doomhammer we had this guy who was always LFG king since he never logged off (had some AFK mod or something I dunno). Anyway, he has recently stopped playing WoW and it’s like the sky has fallen or something!! Everyone on the server knows who he is because he was always the LFG moderator and regularly kicked people from the channel who were annoying everyone so I did like him for that. However I’m not really all that fussed that he’s decided to enjoy his real life. Someone in my guild said he nearly cried (exaggerating I would hope) when he read this guy’s post saying he was leaving. Does anyone else have a similar type person on their servers? And do they have thousands of little minions and fans? I just thought it was really funny that there are even celebrities in WoW.

That’s enough of my pointless thoughts for today haha!! Back to leveling … and grinding for gold I suppose!

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