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Day 2

February 18, 2007

It is now day 2 of my WordPress blogging experience and I must say that I am very impressed. I spent a considerable amount of time this morning reading all of the Today’s Hot Blogs and Today’s Hot Posts and I have to say that there are some very interesting and well spoken people in this online community. I’m sure that it will become part of my morning routine coming between my daily dose of Perez Hilton and my tea & toast.

My thoughts today keep drifting to the weather. Yes I’m that boring. It’s 10 friggin degrees here and it’s February!! Ok, I should probably back-up why this comes as such a shock to me. *Cue cheesy flash back music …*

Back in November I moved all the way from a small town in eastern Canada to the big city of Manchester, England much to the dismay of my family. How did you get the crazy idea to do that, you ask? Well last year I participated in a program at my university called Student Abroad (that is my ex-boyfriend and best friend Josh in the pic on the main page, who for the purpose of this blog we’ll call Mr. BFF) which allowed me to go to Aarhus, Denmark to study. When I left home Mr. BFF and I had been together for almost 6 years! So without getting into detail I’ll just tell you that Mr. BFF and I realized that we really needed to experience more than just each other and we broke up and we remain best friends to this day. I could not ask for a better situation or a better best friend. The house I moved into once I got to Denmark had some pretty interesting characters living in it, including a crazy English guy … my now boyfriend Rich (L33tz0r). So now you can sort of see how I ended up so far away from home in England. I went home for the summer after Denmark and L33tz0r and I tried to make the whole long distance thing work but for us it was an impossible task so I decided to move here with him for a while even though my family was very against it. But really it came down to what I wanted for myself and it was something I felt I had to do if I wanted to be happy. Things were pretty hard during the summer … I worked full time and took some summer courses at the university as well as trying to be on WoW everyday because it was the only thing that L33tz0r and I could “do” together. I became deeply depressed and although I look back at it now and think of how stupid and mundane some of the things I was feeling were, I know that I am better now for having felt my way through that. At the time you don’t think about the logic of why you are feeling the way you do. There is no reason. You can’t really explain it. There is nothing anyone can do to make you feel better. You just feel. And you just cry and you just get angry and sometimes you don’t understand it … but eventually you just get through it. At first you think bad thoughts everyday … then it’s every other day … then once a week … and eventually you come out of it whether you get help or not. I started seeing a therapist who really helped my put in perspective what it was that I wanted because to be honest I had no idea. It was her and Mr. BFF who gave me the courage and support to get off my ass and make a change instead of sitting and crying about it. And there you have it. Thus concludes my sob story haha!

So we are now back to the present with me being baffled by 10 degrees in February. To me … February is supposed to be one of the coldest months!! And I’m talking -35 with a windchill!! L33tz0r laughs at me because I am so surprised everyday to wake up to no snow and mild weather. Guess I’m going to have to get used to it 🙂

Also something I’m going to have to get used to; being on the job hunt. L33tz0r and I have pretty much run out of money and I still haven’t been able to get a job … and I HAVE been trying! I guess tomorrow starts a new week and a new search for employment!

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