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Look what I found!

February 17, 2007

Ok so I haven’t been sitting here all day and browsing the internet (I actually went to Subway for some lunch but then came right back) but I am very excited about some of the things that I’ve found.

First of all take a look at this video I found. I’ve seen it a few times in emails and it still baffles my mind every time I see it. This guy is my idol!! He completes the game in just over 5 minutes!

In addition to this insane video I have also stumbled across something that I am very excited about.


I’ve added the main Fracas page to my Blogroll and I am surprisingly excited for Monday to come around! Monday has been my least favorite day of the week for the obvious reasons but I look forward to my very first Monday Melee post in a few days time. Kudos to Fracas for adding a lovely little blip to my otherwise unpleasant Monday radar! Everyone is invited to join so please pay a visit to Fracas for more info on this little “project” as well as a fun read.

And finally as an avid WoW player I found Kaliope’s blog (here) on the crafting professions very useful and a pleasure to read. Always nice to find fellow players in other areas of interest.

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