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Hello world!

February 17, 2007

I’ve decided to jump on the WordPress bandwagon after some deliberation and frustration with the lack of scope that I have with my other blog which you can see here. A friend recommended it so I though “what the hell” and started a new blog. If you’ve read my About page you already know that I spend copious amounts of time on my computer so when I’m not playing WoW I rather enjoy having a look around other blogs and trying to learn some coding for myself. Eventually I’d love to get to the point where I can do all of my own coding and perhaps even create a useful site of some description and maybe if I’m lucky generate some sort of small income from it.

As I’m sure you would imagine, the first post of a blog is an impossible task because (1) you don’t really know what it is exactly that you want to say yet, (2) you want to make sure you don’t sound like a complete idiot so that people might want to continue reading, and (3) you are trying to feel out your writing voice in a way that allows you to communicate what you want to say effectively and makes you feel confident that you don’t sound like a complete moron.

I would say something like “Hi, my name is Kim and this is my blog!” but that lacks the sort of lustre that I am aiming for. In time I’m sure that I will find my niche within the blogging world but for now I’m going to play around with the settings and have a look around at the work of all the brilliant bloggers out there and make some notes.

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